St Cecilia's News

St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School - October 2017

Welcome back to a new school year

Dear Parents,

I hope that the new school year is going well for you, autumn is well and truly with us now and we have all settled back into school routines after our summer holidays.

It has been lovely to meet you all at the various events at the start of the academic year, at Year Aheads and Parent Teacher consultations - thank you so much for the welcome and all the cards that I have received. It's always exciting when you move to a new school and start to build a new shared vision for the future with the school community.

I am very pleased to welcome back Miss Fry and Mrs O Dwyer after their maternity leave, it's great to have them back with us. We also welcome Miss Hay who is covering for Mrs Buckley whilst she is on maternity leave. Miss Fenner has joined us this term, it's great to not be the only new member of staff!

The Autumn term is always a busy one, a good long term and a chance to make great strides in learning. Mrs Martin and I spend time in classes each day, working alongside the children, experiencing their learning journey with them. It has been wonderful to witness the breadth of our curriculum and the quality of teaching that we have here at St. Cecilia's over the past weeks. Next week Mrs Martin and I will be in classes talking to the children about how happy and safe they feel in school, their playtime games, their friendships and support networks in school.

A big welcome to all our new families - you are joining a very special community, we thank you for trust in us and look forward to many wonderful years ahead with you.

A new email system, updated calendar

Increasing the positive use of e-learning is one of our development priorities. At the start of term we implemented a new Google Apps for Education domain and over the coming months our staff will be getting used to working with a range of new apps, all of them cloud based. Once the systems are fully established we will start to enroll the children on to the domain for e-learning activities in class. Leadership team are currently undertaking a pilot of Google Chromebooks, this is part of our policy of having portable cloud based technology, readily available throughout the school.

As part of this move we have taken the decision to have an easier web address and email system.

Our new web address: (the old address will still work until Easter)

To contact the school office:

After School Club:

Our calendar system has been streamlined and is now available to all staff through the Google Apps system, we hope that this will enable us to include more events on the calendar with a greater notice period. If you find that the link is not working for you on your smart phone you may need to re-establish a link to our calendar again.

You can still find the calendar on the same page of our website, see the link below.

Click here for the School Calendar

If you then click on the Subscribe Button on the school site you will be able to answer the questions to download the calendar to your own device calendar.

New PTA Committee

Many thanks to all those who came along to the PTA AGM on 21st September. We are very fortunate to have such committed parents here at St Cecilia's and it was good to see so many at the AGM.

We welcome Katrina Olson as our new PTA Chair, Sarah Mills is continuing as PTA Treasurer and Stella Mezei-Revell is our new PTA Secretary.

The PTA newsletter was sent out to you earlier this week - please look out for it in your inbox.

School & Family Partnership

I look forward to developing our working with parents in 6 key strands:

Support with parenting

Activities that support this type of involvement provide information to parents about your child's development, health, safety, and learning at home. In this area I am currently investigating relevant speakers who may provide interesting and challenging talks and workshops for parents - any ideas please let me know.


Enabling you to participate in your child's education through high quality information from the school, having systems in place so that you can provide us with information easily. We are currently investigating new style data reports and a "Class Dojo" news sharing app pilot.


We welcome your support for activities in school.

Learning at home

We support families with clear home learning tasks, e-learning will increase as we develop our interest in internet-based learning systems like Google Apps for Education.

Decision Making

We hope that you will provide feedback to us when necessary. We will often have pilot projects and electronic surveys, your opinion is valued. In a few weeks time we will contact you with our Annual Parent Survey, it will provide us with useful information from the parent community to help make St Cecilia's an even better place.


Our PTA are vital to helping us to bring parents and school staff together. We often collaborate through fundraising events, but we can also work on joint projects together, sometimes in service to others, at other times for the good of our own school community.

We use the 6 strand model to ensure that we have a balanced approach to our work with the school community.

Curriculum News

Miss Moore, Miss Jenkins and Mrs Martin are leading our developments in Maths at the moment where we are in the very early stages of developing an approach called Teaching for Mastery in Maths. At the end of the last year the school successfully bid to be part of the London South West Maths Hub. I have spent a day at Chesterton School in Battersea learning about the technique and a local lead teacher will enable whole school training for our team here at St Cecilia's over the coming months. We can always profit form learning newer, fresher techniques which help us to keep the learning focussed and engaging. We have more news on teaching for mastery in the next newsletter. For an easy introduction to the matter you might enjoy this Ted Talk by Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy.

SATs Results

Well done to all those involved in last year's SATs assessments for Years 2 and 6. Another year of great results which reflect tremendous focus and dedication. You can find the new results on the school website and via the link below.
SATs Results 2017

Our SATs results for 2017 - click here

Reception Year Admissions - Apply Now

Its that time of the year when the admissions process commences again for entries in to Reception Year 2018. You will need to apply for a school place if your child was born between 1 September 2013 and 31 August 2014.

Applications are made direct to your own local authority on the Common Application Form (CAF), check out their website for details. Our supplementary form is available via our website or the school office. The closing date for this form is 31 December 2017.

We have guided tours for the next few months, please contact Mrs Long and book a slot to visit us with your rising four year old.

The national closing date for applications is 15 January 2018 - don't be late!

Supplementary Admissions Form

Click here to download the form

Year 6 Transfer to Secondary School

It's that time of year when parents with year 6 need to apply for a secondary school place. Please do not forget to apply on the Common Application Form (CAF) to your local authority. it is best to do this online so that you have a digital receipt for your application. The closing date is Tuesday 31 October, please check the closing date on your the supplementary application form.

MacMillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Thanks to all you amazing support we have raised the grand total of just over £500 for MacMillan. It's a great achievement, thanks so much for taking part with us, for sending cakes and donations and for eating lots of cake too!

Class Dojo Pilot

Our Reception Year parents are currently supporting our decision-making process by piloting Class Dojo, a whole school communication tool for us. It combines a few streams of information into one app so that news from the school, class and child all arrive in one Facebook style message stream. Whilst we try to streamline our information to you through as few systems as possible, we think that the advantages of Class Dojo might well be worth investigating. We are grateful to Reception parents and staff for being involved in the pilot and look forward to hearing their thoughts on the system in December.

Parent Teacher Consultations

We hope that you found it useful to connect with your child's class teacher recently, to hear how he/she has settled into this academic year. It's a good way to start the conversation with your child's class teacher. I met many of you in the office reception area. Where I can, I will always be near the entrance with a cup of tea or coffee for you during the evening, it's a little tradition I have always done in headship. Should you need to see me at all, just pop along to the entrance during parent teacher meetings.

Working with our local community - respect and consideration

We all realise that parking is a very difficult matter in the local area. The roads are narrow, there are too many yellow lines and most properties have dropped kerbs. It is a difficult situation, especially in the rush hour around school times.

Please park considerately and remember that in your interaction with our neighbours you carry the reputation of our school with you. I have received two complaints from neighbours, both of whom have received abuse from our parents. Please remember, in your frustration about parking, which we all share, to show respect and consideration and that we are adults setting a good example to our children.

Sporting events

I have met with Sutton School Sports Partnership and Mrs Harrison to discuss activities for the school year and a possible change to the format of our Sports Day, we will come back to you with more information nearer the time.

All of the arranged football matches are on our website calendar, netball matches are being added by Mrs Saunders as they are arranged.


We are very happy to receive feedback through comments, suggestions, concerns and sometimes even complaints! All feedback helps us to make St Cecilia's a better place.

Please contact us using

With best wishes from all the team at St Cecilias,

Vince Burke

Head Teacher