The seagulls are eating the little girls meat pie "go away seagulls'' she shouted. Then the two sea gulls started telling a story to the little girl. the aborginals are were Sydney was going to get built.

People from Sydney kidnapped little Bennelong from his home and covinced him to stay

Eugene came to Sydney to conduct the people in the orchestra in the town hall.

Eugene Goosens didn't like turning people away so he visited Mr Premier the next day. He wanted a new hall.

The competition was to fine the best design for the Sydney Opera House. Jorn Utzon won the competition.

Jorn Utzon design the Sydney Opera House on a beach ball.He thought of orange peels to make the Opera House roof.

The Opera House wasn't finished getting built. So Jorn Utzon left Sydney.Queen Elizabath II came to Australia to open the opera House.

The little girl that was listening to the story practised and practised playing the violin for yeas. Than she played in the Opera House.

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