Mike Lupica

Natalie Vandenberg


Mike Lupica wanted to play sports or be a writer,he wrote his first book in 1975 then published it in 1985.Mike has a total of 51 books that are published and able to read.Mike has four kids his sons names are Zach,Alex and Christopher then his daughter Hannah.He is now 63 year old he was born and grew up in Oneida,NY.Mike and his wife Taylor and all his kids life in Connecticut.

Fast Break

A 12 year old boy mom dies and his moms boyfriend abandons him,Jason does what it takes to get by the foster home system.He feels that the beat up basketball court in North Carolina hills is his real home.One day he gets caught stealing a brand new pair of sneaker and a social worker puts him with a new family what will he do and how will it work?

True Legend

Can you imagine being a 16 year old boy who has a lot of pressure on him from a family friend and his school and friends.Well this boy name is Drew Roberson but everybody calls him "True" cause he is true on the court.He goes threw a lot of crosses in life meeting new friends,girls and trouble but can he get threw it all while not getting trouble and still playing basketball, well read to find out.

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