Nat Turner

A Rebel

When was Nat Turner born and when did he die

Nat Tuner was born October 2, 1800 and died November 11, 1831

Nat Turners childhood

He was born a slave and he was sold 3 times as a child but his master allowed him to learn how to read
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Nat Turner a slave

He was born a slave and he was the leader of a rebellion that would scare slave owner.

The Eclipse

The eclipse made him realize it was time to take a stand for freedom.

What was wrong

The slaves where afraid of the plantation owners and had no hope.

What did he do

he killed his master and his family and 60 other white people, the killed them with what they found in a farm and also took some guns.


Nat Turner didn't accomplish much but he did stir the civil war and made people angry at slavery and made the anti slavery people even more mad about slavery.

How he died & what he is remembered by

Nat Turner and 57 other slaves where hung by the state. How he is remembered by, he showed strength by tiring to fight his way to freedom.