2 States Legalize Pot

By Austin Sanford


Wensday November 7th, marijuana was legalized in the states of Washington and Colorado.The people of Oregon were also trying to legalize it in their state, but Oregon governor did not pass the law. Both of these states are regulating their laws so that the production, possession, and distribution of this drug will be aloud inside their state lines. Also 17 states have made it legal for "Medical Use," if people have trouble sleeping the doctor will give them small amounts of marijuana to help stimulate their senses, which they believe helps them fall asleep. Although the federal law says marijuana is illegal, Washington and Colorado are getting that changed within the next two months.

5 Themes HEI and Location

I believe this relates to HEI because, if people smoke marijuana and drive their sense stimulated and cause them to not function properly. Thus resulting in more crashes and a higher risk on the roadways. Also location because, where the two states are located it has snow and ice storms wich cause even worse road conditions. if you add up marijuana and icy conditions it equals deserter waiting to happen.

My Opinion

I believe this might be the dumbest decision ever. People who are high tend to act different then they normally would. Also driving through Colorado or Washington becomes 10 times more dangerous because, people who are high can't react quickly to fast moving objects and they don't think things through all the way.

My link

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