Haiti Water Crisis

Population: 10,461,409

Haiti´s Problems

In 2010 a massive earthquake hit Haiti. This earthquake is still affecting Haitians and their daily routines. This earthquake has caused the water of Haiti to be polluted with garbage. Since most Haitians got there water from rivers, they no longer has access to clean water. Without clean water Haitians are forced to use the poisonous and diseased filled waters, causing waterborne illnesses to over half of the population.

Water Solutions

The earthquake in 2010 damaged many of Haiti´s wells and major water systems. Since 2010 Haiti´s people have had a hard time rebuilding these things. In order to help get them back to where they used to be we can send volunteers to help dig freshwater wells. Also, the volunteers could raise money to instal a filtration system.

Haiti´s Location

It is connected to the Dominican Republic and Cuba is northwest of it.