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May 26, 2020

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Mark 12:31

Congratulations Class of 2020

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Message from the Principal

May 26, 2020

Dear Christ the King Families:

“Can school start back in the fall?” This is now the most asked question in our nation. This important question spurs many others: What will school look like? Will school open early or late? Will we have to shelter in place again? How will students practice social distancing? There are so many things we don’t know. The one thing that is certain is that we need to adapt to the many changes that we could face next school year.

As we move through these unprecedented times, it is important to keep focused on our mission, which is to develop character, knowledge and spirit in our students. This leads us to two fundamental questions: What does developing character, knowledge and spirit mean to us in the middle of a pandemic? And how do we accomplish this mission while maintaining the safety of every student and employee at Christ the King School?

Character- What character do you want to see in your child during a time when thousands are suffering physically and economically? How do we take our theme, that "everybody counts," and put it in action?

Knowledge- What is most critical for our students to learn academically? As we close out the 2019-2020 school year, we have focused on maintaining academic growth to move our students forward and that our teachers provide instruction that is engaging and promotes a desire to learn. How do we maintain academic rigor?

Spirit-Developing spirit and providing faith formation for our students during this time adds additional challenges. How do we safely engage students in faith formation? In what ways can we provide hope and encouragement and address the social/emotional needs of our students?

We all hope that school can resume as it typically does in August. However, going forward, we have to make plans for the many unknowns of our 2020-2021 school year. Our plans need to involve collaboration with representatives from faculty and staff, students, and parents. As we plan, we will keep our three pillars - Character, Knowledge and Spirit - at the forefront, while also adhering to these guiding principles to help us in making decisions:

  • Protect the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.

  • Make decisions that are consistent with our mission.

  • Through flexibility and adaptiveness, maintain the quality and accessibility of our academic program, and provide student support as needed.

  • Abide by guidelines and directives from the diocese and from state and federal governments.

So how do we work out the details of the plans that need to be put in place? We recognize the need for collaboration among all our school's constituencies in addressing the numerous questions we face and in developing plans for multiple contingencies. Three committees will be brought together to assist in this planning process:

  • School Operations

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Faith Formation and Community

Next, how do we then take ideas and convert them into realities?

  • With guidance from Fr. Paul and the School Council and its committees, the CKS administration will implement a final operations plan.

  • A final operations plan will be completed by early July. That plan will cover issues such as academic delivery; student success; facilities; and faculty and staff.

  • Flexibility will be the watchword as plans evolve, with constant consideration of the guiding principles noted above.

We would love your help. Please contact me if you would like to be a part of one of the three committees mentioned above. With your support and dedication to our school, we can get through difficult times, to help our students succeed to their fullest potential. By our example, our students will continue to live our mission character, knowledge and spirit. Thank you for your help.

Many blessings,

Paula Smith, Ed.S.

Message from Father Paul

I offer my hearty congratulations to our school community for an awesome Big Blue Virtual Fling. Your creativity and generous willingness to enter into the spirit of this event are reminders of how much we love our school and how our cooperative effort can turn a potential catastrophe into a rousing success.

Our world is seeking to draw from that same spirit of creativity as we honor our graduates. Whether it is from Graduate School, College, High School, or Grade School, graduation is always a special time of celebration, honor and preparation for the next adventure Yet even in the best of times, graduations are endings, but also a passage into an unknown future, full of challenges, opportunities , disappointments and accomplishments.

Graduations are times for advice, for musing on the mysteries of life, and for acknowledging everyone’s ability to make a difference in the world. Frequently, we find much wisdom in the graduation addresses which are offered by luminaries. In the Gospel of John, Jesus, the Light of the World, gives a virtual graduation address to his apostles. On the night of the Last Supper, they are about to graduate from their internship. Jesus institutes the Eucharist, establishes the priesthood, reminds them to be foot washers and then launches into a four chapter commencement address, a speech where he summarizes his teaching and his charge to the apostles and offers them his affection and prayers. The context is the section comprising chapters 14-17. It is a section from which an entire retreat can be built.

Beyond the social distancing parties, beyond the creative alternatives to the ceremonies, beyond the gifts and the honors, this message of Jesus is a solid message in these days of the pandemic. (I now suggest that you stop reading this article, read the 4 chapters of John’s Gospel, and then come back to this piece!)

Jesus spoke to his apostles and us and our graduates and his first words are, “Do not let your hearts be troubled”. This passage applies to two times that Jesus would no longer be with the apostles. He would be killed on Calvary Hill and then, after rising, he would ascend into heaven....trusting the apostles to continue his mission.

Every graduate has his or her unique gifts; and Jesus says I am going to prepare a place for you. As a wise teacher, Jesus gives the keys to success....follow my in my love....stay connected to Jesus just as the branches are connected to the vine. The prayer of Jesus is not for any individual’s success but that they all may be one and he also prays for everyone who can be affected by the good actions of apostles and graduates.

Graduations and remembrances of graduations remind us of the importance of friends. Jesus tells his apostles that they are no longer mere students or servants, but now his friends. And a true friend is ready to lay down one’s life, one’s ambitions, one’s agenda, one’s self-definition if in so doing it is of benefit to a friend in need. And Jesus would highlight that lesson on Good Friday.

There is an awareness that the death of Jesus will induce fear, that the ascension of Jesus will fuel feelings of inadequacy, that persecutions will be brutal, and yet Jesus says....”I have told you this to keep your faith from being shaken.” Every graduate will enter into a world where he or she will need to face fear, feelings of inadequacy and the reality of life’s brutality. One of the lessons of the pandemic is that the good life we have taken for granted should not be taken for granted.

As this passage culminates, Jesus promises his apostles that he will send the Holy Spirit to help and to guide them. The Holy Spirit is at the heart of our inspiration in times of difficulty such as this pandemic.

Our grade school’s eighth grades have the grace-laden experience of graduating in the same year as they have received the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Spirit of the Lord has come upon them and blesses them with great spiritual gifts and the increased access to these gifts of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, courage, prudence, reverence and prayerfulness. The pandemic has been a terrible teacher that we all need these gifts.

And so the Lord Jesus says to each and every one of our graduates (and to you and me).....”Do not let your hearts be troubled”.....there is a place for you to make a difference in this world.....use your gifts and do not be afraid to give more than you thought you could give.....As we all move forward, as we look forward to prudently re-opening in more ways than one, let us all seek to trust the gifts of God’s Holy Spirit.

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School/Student Materials Exchange

Teachers are packing things up this week from school to clean up classrooms. Next week, we will work to distribute everyone’s items.

If all your children are in 3rd grade or under, your child’s teachers will arrange a time window where personal items will be dropped off to your home, and you should leave any school-issued materials on your porch/doorstep to return to the teacher at that time.

If you have at least one child in 4th grade-8th grade, all items your children left at school will be gathered together and returned to you based on the schedule below. For example, If you have a child in 1st and 4th grade, you will come to school during the designated time slot for your last time.


Parents will come through in reverse carline fashion, entering the Hehman Hall parking lot via the carline "exit" on Providence and dropping Chromebook or iPad and charger at a table under cafeteria awning. You'll then proceed around the building to the front entrance of the school and drop off library and textbooks, and pick up bagged items at a table at front door awning. We will have bags labeled per-student/family and spaced out on the sidewalk for pick up during your designated pick up window.

Monday, June 1 Pick Up for Families with Eldest Children in Grades 4-8

  • 9:00-11:00 A-F

  • 11:00-1:00 G-M

  • 1:00-3:00 N-Z

Tuesday, June 2 pick up as requested by parents who cannot make it on Monday.

If you have any questions, or if you cannot make your designated window on June 1 and need to schedule your pick-up/drop-off for Tuesday, June 2, please contact Mrs. Gibson at

Upcoming Dates

May 28, 2020 Last Day of School for Grades Pre-K-7; Live-streamed at Mass 8 AM

May 29, 2020 Teacher Inservice

June 1, 2020 Materials Exchange

#ckslex community

COVID-19 Response


Recent communications from CKS, along with links to COVID-19 Resources:


Prayer list:

Prayer Request Form:


If you would like to make a donation to those struggling during this time or if you need help, please contact us:

Fayette County COVID-19 Relief Resources

See this link for resources provided by Fayette County:

Refunds and reimbursements

Refunds and reimbursements (Aftercare, EDP, Faith 1st) will be processed by the week of June 15th.


Yearbooks will arrive mid-July - we will let you know closer to the date how we intend to distribute. Thank you for your patience.

CKS Contacts

Renrollment/Tuition/ FACTS: David Stromquist,

Admissions: Amy Smith,

Technology Support: Vince Mongiardo,

Communications: Kelley Taylor,

Student Concerns: Christine Gibson, cgibson@ckslex.og and Kelley Taylor,

Absences: Child's Teacher and Kelley Taylor,

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Many of our end-of-year events will include special video tributes. Please follow us on Instagram (@ckslex) and Facebook (, so you can tune in!

Help us keep CKS families in the loop!

Particularly during these times of extended eDays, our ability to communicate with parents is very important. From recent reports from faculty, it is apparent that we don't have both parents' email addresses on file in RenWeb for a number of families. To make sure both parents can fully participate in their child(ren)'s education, we would like you to update your RenWeb family record with all pertinent contact information. Luckily, this is easy to do.

Any parent with RenWeb access can use either the RenWeb Home app or the ParentsWeb portal ( to update his/her family's demographic information, such as address, phone, and email information for a parent or student, but also emergency contact and authorized pickup information. Follow the instructions at the following link to use the CKS Family Demographic Web Form to make these sorts of updates:

One thing to keep in mind: Whereas emergency contact information applies across all students in a multi-student family, student pickup ("transportation") information for each student is independent of that of the others in the same family, so for families with multiple students you should update the authorized pickup information separately for each student.

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Parish Bulletin

Cathedral Opening Update - Volunteers needed

The Cathedral Re-opening team continues to work out the details for a gradual and phased approach to re-opening the Cathedral for public worship beginning on Saturday May 30th. One thing we already know is that we will need many younger and healthy men and women to fill two key positions, that of hospitality ministers/ushers and those who can help sanitize the Cathedral after each Mass.

The bottom line is that without a good number of volunteers for both of these positions, we will be unable to re-open the Cathedral or, at best, open it up for fewer masses than we would like. To read about how you can help us be ready to re-open the doors to public liturgies, register here and someone will contact you with additional information and to ask for your commitment to help.

Register here:

Diocese Announces Resumption of Public Masses With Directives and Guidelines

LEXINGTON — The Catholic Diocese of Lexington will resume public Masses, effective May 20, following the “Healthy at Work: Guidelines for Places of Worship,” as well as directives and guidelines for all public celebrations of liturgy provided by the diocese. The directives and guidelines were posted on the diocesan website on May 15, along with a letter from Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv., to the people of the diocese.

“I do not want anyone to mistake the resumption of public Masses as a sign that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, because it is not,” wrote Bishop Stowe. He added, “Please note that this is not simply a return to how we celebrated before the outbreak of the pandemic. Churches will only be able to admit 33 percent of the occupancy of the building and social distancing will need to be maintained at all times.”

Parishes in Lexington, Ashland, Campton, Hazard, Jackson, Lawrenceburg, Morehead, Mount Sterling, Owingsville, Richmond and Winchester will resume public masses May 30-31; all other locations will resume May 23-24.

The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues in the Catholic Diocese of Lexington until further notice, and elderly people and other vulnerable populations are encouraged to continue to participate via livestreamed Masses, possibly attending weekday Masses as a safer alternative as well.

A few of the measures required for all liturgies also include: Social distancing of six feet between people not living in the same household must be followed at all times; masks are to be worn by the congregation and by ministers at all times when not speaking, reading or singing as part of their ministry; holy water fonts are to remain empty; hand sanitizer is to be available; there is to be no physical contact during the Lord’s Prayer or during the Sign of Peace; hand sanitizer is to be used before the distribution of Communion; Communion is distributed only in the form of bread and given to communicants only in the hand; there are to be no choirs.

We want to see the amazing things our students are doing!

We know you have all been hard at work. Please continue to share pictures and tag @ckslex. We have been using #ckslove, #ckslearn, #ckspray. We are committed to continuing the growth of your chid's character, knowledge, and spirit during this time.

You can also email photos to

Pray with us each day - Coronavirus Novena


Catholic on Purpose

Catholic on Purpose is a podcast exploring WHAT Catholics believe and HOW we can live it intentionally. Listen in as two former Protestants, Casey and Erin Phillips, attempt to bring Catholicism to bear on our everyday lives. It is high time to be Catholic on purpose! "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -St. Catherine of Siena

Join us during Lent as we launch a 6 part series discussing the different aspects of building and cultivating the domestic church. Together we will focus on making our homes into places where prayer is natural and the faith is centerstage. Join us!

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Shaheen's Uniforms

We are having a 15% off through the month of June. I've attached a flyer in hopes that you will help spread the word with families. Our store will re-open this Wednesday, however we will continue curbside picks for those who feel more comfortable not entering the store. As always we are shipping out online orders. If you have any questions, I'm happy to help. Thanks, Paula. I look forward to talking soon.

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Coding Opportunities

An upcoming opportunity Awesome Inc is offering:

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Christ the King School develops Character, Knowledge, and Spirit in its students and community by living the Catholic faith through sharing the sacraments, promoting academic excellence, and engaging in service.
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