May Newsletter

Ms. Theus's Class

Here we are the last month of school!!!

It has been a wonderful school year getting to know and teach your child. Yet, it's time to let them go on to second grade.

I want to thank you all for supporting your student all year long. I wish you all good luck in second grade. PLEASE COME VISIT!!!


We have learned all the long vowel sounds. Now we will review them to make sure that your student has it down for second grade. We learned the sounds: ai, ay, a_e, ie, igh, y that sounds like i, i_e, oa, ow, o_e, ee, ea, ie, y that sounds like e. The only sounds that we have left to work on are oo, ew, ou, ow, soft g and c, hard g and c.

We have learned several comprehension skills this year so please continue to practice them as they will get harder in second grade. We will be finishing the year off with point of view, and arthur's purpose. Point of view is very difficult and is defiantly a second grade skill be want your student to be exposed to as early as possible. I will be sending home a summer packet that has review of everything we have done this year. Just to keep your students learning this summer.


The weather is much nicer and so for the end of the year we will be learning about nature. We will review things about weather and how things grow.


Poetry is hard but your students rocked it. We will finish up poetry the first and second week of May. One my favorite finally writing activities will be to make their very own superhero comic book. All year we have been reading Captain Underpants books and now they get to create a character and write their own comic book series. So be on the look out for some funny adventure stories.


Tick-tock they got the clock!!! Our class rocked telling time and now they have been mastering their money skills. The first two weeks of May we will be practicing counting and adding money so any where you can talk and show money please do so. In our final weeks we will do a brief start to multiplication. So get your flashcards ready!!!

Students final STAR test were May 4th and 5th. I will be sending home their overall growth which will include a packet of skills that they need to practice for literacy and math.

Staff appreciation is the first week of May but you can appreciate anyone in the building all year long.


Please come out and cheer your student on at Field Day May 23rd. Then the last day of school come and enjoy the talent show during the half day of school.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

Thank you!


Ms. Theus