Bill to Law

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Law Making 101

  • A bill starts out as an idea by by anyone it can be a Private Citizen just like you and me or the President.
  • The idea is introduced to congress by a senator or representative.
  • Then it goes to the appropiate comittee and they can make changes to it.
  • If its approved by the committee then it can go to the house or senate then they can argue the pros and cons.
  • If its in the senate it goes to the House if its in the House it goes to the Senate for approval.
  • Then it goes to a confrence comittee then they make a confrence comittee and then it goes back to the Senate and the House then they vote on it.
  • The President signs the bill for it to become a law or vetos it.

By: Chloe Derby and Brent Freitag