Ms. Jones' Newsletter

3rd Quarter Break Down

Study Island

This quarter we will be using Study Island a lot more! I HIGHLY encourage students to use this domain at home whenever possible.Please ask your child what they learned on Study Island daily!Every student knows their login information so please do not be afraid to ask students to login to their accounts to track their progress and GRADES!!


Topics Covered in Reading and Social Studies

  • Alliteration /// Hyperbole
  • Symbolism /// Metaphor and Simile
  • Personification /// Historical Fiction
  • Plot line /// Theme
  • Triangular Trade /// Mayflower Compact
  • Indentured Servant /// Puritanism
  • Colonial Life /// Relationship between Spanish settlers and Native Americans
  • The Writing Process /// Idioms
  • Proverbs /// The benefits and downfalls of Slavery

***This and overview of what your child will learn this quarter. I encourage you to 'move ahead' or review as needed with your child at home !

Topics covered in Science

  • Water Cycle
  • Water Forms ( Sleet, Fog, Clouds, Dew)
  • Vertebrates
  • Difference Between a Plant and an Animal
  • Solar System
  • Moon Phase

Students Get Extra Credit for Kleenex , Paper and Hand Sanitizer

Bring in one of the above listed items and students will receive +10 points added to their grade! (Limit 3 items)