Understanding the menstrual cycle

B. Algarín

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  • conduct an investigation on the relationship between hormones and the stages of the menstrual cycle
  • infer how the nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems work together to ensure the continuity of life

Step 1: Students write about the menstrual cycle.

Share one thing you already know.

Ask one question you would like answered.

Step 2: Students watch a video about the menstrual cycle and answer questions in pairs.

Students are grouped in pairs so each are responsible for 2 questions:

  1. Why do women have a period?
  2. What happens at the beginning of the period?
  3. What happens in the middle of the cycle?
  4. What determines if women have or do not have a period?

Step 3: Students create and analyze graphs with the data on hormones.

Step 5: Students will brainstorm ideas for their project. They will use educreations to showcase their knowledge.

Step 6: Students create educreation lessons on the menstrual cycle and how it works together with different body systems.