Savings Accounts

By Anya Howard-Cofield

Instant Access Accounts

An instant access account is ideal for withdrawing money in a hurry. People choose instant access accounts for emergency money. Traditionally the best instant access accounts are with internet banks, but you can withdraw your money from a local bank too.

Cash ISAs

A cash ISA, or Individual Savings Accounts, are savings accounts where you can earn tax free interest, but there are limits on how much money you can deposit each tax-year. Although ISAs don't offer the best interest rates, after tax the best ones beat even higher paying, ordinary savings accounts.

National Savings Accounts

National savings accounts are government run and offer a range of accounts and bonds. All of these accounts are 'capital secure' which means it may make any amount of interest, but no matter what you will always get the original sum of money back.

Notice Accounts

With notice accounts, you have to tell the bank you want to withdraw money, before you can withdraw it, you have to give 'notice'. They earn better interest, but you cannot access the money as soon as you want it. For example, with a 90 day notice account, you would have to wait 90 days, after notifying the bank to receive your money, however, if you want the money sooner, you have to pay a penalty.

Regular Savings Accounts

These accounts are designed for people who want to save a regular amount of money each month. Most of these account limit the number of withdrawals you can make each year, so they aren't good for emergency money, but they are a great way of getting into a regular savings habit.