By: Cole Fleischer

History of Ireland

Ireland was apart of the United Kingdom. Ireland is located 53.0000 degrees north 7.0000 west. Ireland has very flat plains.

Ireland flag

As you can see on the picture Ireland's flag is orange, white, and green those colors represent something. Orange stands for standing for the Irish Protestants. White stands for representing the hope and peace between them. Green stands for signifying Irish Catholics and republican cause.
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Ireland's Capitol and 4 major cities

Ireland's Capitol is Dublin,Ireland. The four major cities are cork,Munster dunlaoghaire,Leinster limerick,muster and Galway,Connaught.

What's attracts people to Ireland

Some places that attract people to Ireland are the ring of Kerry, the dingle peninsula, and King johns castle.
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Physical features

Ireland has low central plains surrounded by a ring of coastal mountains. Ireland's highest peak is (3,415 ft) above sea level.

Ireland's government type

Ireland provides wide ranges of services including housing, transport, water supply, waste management, education, health, and warfare.

Currency type

Ireland uses euro as their currency.
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3 interesting facts

1. The average height of a Irish man is 5ft 8in.

2.the average height of a Irish women is 5ft 5in.

3.theres is only 9% natural red heads in Ireland.

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