Welcome Back From Summer


Welcome back Panther Staff!

We are excited to have everyone start back this week. All classrooms should be cleaned and ready to go. If you have issues or concerns about work orders or maintenance please let Mr. Soto know. The admin team will try and rotate our "late night" schedule in order to provide opportunities to work later for those that are interested.

Building Hours

This week:

7:30-6:00 Monday

7:30-6:00 Tuesday

7:30-6:30 Wednesday

7:30-6:30 Thursday

7:30- 5:00 Friday

12:30-3:00 Saturday

Closed Sunday

Staff Children...

In order to facilitate an efficient pre-planning; we ask that you make arrangements for young children. You will be busy with meetings in and out of the building. We understand that many of your children come in to help you set up your rooms and get organized. Children may accompany you on the days you will be working in your classroom, provided they remain properly supervised.


Schoology will be rolling out this year for all teaching staff. Many documents will be posted on the staff Schoology page including:

  • A Beginning of the Year Checklist
  • Schedules
  • Handbooks
  • Staff Meeting Agendas
  • TKES information
  • PLC resources
  • Lesson Plan Resources

All teachers will need to regularly check the staff Schoology page for updates.