The Computer

The Evolution of an Computer

The First Computer

John Mauchly And J. Presper invented the First Computer in 1946. The company ENIAC created it with them. It took up a whole room. It was such a foreign concept that people loved them, but limited people were able to operate it. They made it because it was a amazing, new idea that was brilliant.


The First Computer inspired another computer to be made, The UNIVAC. It was also made by the same company as the first. This computer as well took up a room. People liked them because the where a new version of the computers they had.

The Desktop

Bill Gates and Paul Allen made the first Desktop computer in 1971. It was smaller than the UNIVAC and first computer. It could fit on your desk! The society loved them because they where smaller!


The Computers will Keep getting better

The Apple Computer

Next Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976 made the first Apple Computer. The society liked the Apple computer because it could store lots of data.

Apple Company

Then on January 3, 1977 Steve Jobs created a new company Apple. The first was in Cupertino, California. Apple made devices. The society loved Apple because they had a bunch of new versions of devices. Now almost everyone gets there technology from Apple.

The Laptop

Lastly, in1981 Adam Osborne created the first Laptop. The society loved these because they were so small. They could fit on your lap! They also loved them because the Laptops were wireless, so you could travel anywhere with them.

the end