Make a Wish Foundation (National)

Founded by Frank Shankwitz

What My Individual Has Done to Help The Community

Frank Shankwitz grants children's wishes. The children with the wishes usually have life threatening diseases that can only be ignored when having fun.

Sometimes they take the kids family on a vacation or have there favorite celebrity give a surprise visit!

How Did It Help

Make A Wish Foundation makes kids wishes come true. They also helps children notice that it doesn't matter if you have a disease , your dreams can still come true.

Background Information on Frank Shankwitz

Frank Shankwitz was born on March 10, 1893. He died in April of 1980.

He was buried in Kewaunee.

What I can Do To Help

I could shovel my neighbors driveway without any charge. I also might ask people if they would like there lawn mowed. I could start my own program that helps people that live in homeless shelters. The program would donate hats, coats, shoes, pants, shirts, food, etc. I could do Adopt A Highway, or volunteer at a local hospital.