Your city name, France

Give it a snappy description as to interest people to go

Basic City Facts (10 points)

Give a bit of the history of the city. Please make sure to include a map of the city in relation of where it is in France. How large is the city? How many people live there? Do most people live in houses? appartements? Are there rivers or mountains nearby?

Make sure to give it a map so we know where your city is located. (5 points)

Put in at least (3) pictures of your city. Make sure they are from the CORRECT location. Try to entice people to come to visit your city. Give a brief description of what they depict. (Each photo and description is worth 5 points)

Leisure time activity (10 points)

What are you going to see or do in your city? Are you going to a festival? Are you going to a museum? Sports event? What is there to do and see in your city? What tours? Choose one thing you are going to do or see and tell me about it. Why did you choose this activity?

The people of this city (10 points)

How many people live here? What types of jobs do people here have? Can you get a feel for the people? What's important to them?

Restaurant that you would eat at (10 points)

What drew you to the restaurant? Why did you choose it? List below the address and phone number. You can give a website it you can find one.

Hotel to stay at in Dinan (10 points)

What hotel would you stay at? What are the approximate cost of one night's stay? Why did you choose this hotel? Please list the address, phone for the hotel below. If a website is available, please list it as well.

Total project is worth 70 points. Please read all the details of what you need to have included.