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As you're no doubt aware, we receive numerous requests a day for media partnerships. We love to work with industry events, but as we’ve grown it’s become impossible to cater to all.

We've attempted to simplify the process but also still provide opportunities for promotion of your events with the options outlined below.

We've put these media partnership packages together based on what we've seen events of different sizes to be interested in. If, however, none whet your appetite, please check out the "Pick & Mix" options below.


The Packages

Basic Media Partnership

What we ask for

  • Include The Next Web as a media partner in your web and print materials. You can download our logo here.

What we offer

  • A listing on TNW Market, which includes Inclusion in our monthly upcoming events post (example)

And....Pick & Mix!

Picking and mixing lets you decide what's important to you.

  • Inclusion in Monthly Upcoming Events Post on TNW, includes an offer listing on TNW Market - $100/month

  • 1 tweet to promote event offer - $1k
  • 1fb post to promote event offer - $1k
  • 1 G+ post to promote event offer - $1k
  • 500.000 leaderboard banner views on - $2.5k ($5 cpm)
  • 1 TNW Magazine ad (190k downloads on iOS & includes creative) - $2.5k
  • 1 up front announcement blog post about event, pre-event -$2k (max of 2)
  • A Facebook sweepstake (give away 2 tickets in a TNW Facebook campaign) - $1k

2) Standard Media Partnership - $2000

... everything above and we offer:

  • 1 tweet promoting event
  • 1 Facebook post promoting event

Total Cost = $2000


... everything above AND

We offer:

  • 1 tweet promoting event
  • 1 Facebook post promoting event

Total Cost = $7,500

4) Premium Media Partnership

...everything above AND:

• TNW Magazine full page ad

• Additional sponsored piece

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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We're used to doing a straight barter deal where we offer branding & promotion in exchange for the same on The Next Web. Is this not possible?

Whilst we do appreciate the offer, much of the branding & promotion elements just aren't as attractive to us as they might perhaps be to other publications. We've reached a point now where we get literally hundreds of media partnership requests a month and we have to take this route to streamline the number of events we do partners with.

We feel what we outline in this media partnership document offers much greater simplicity & transparency, illustrates what's important to us, provides customization options so you can pick what's important to you and also demonstrates the value we know each item offers.

That said, we do understand if this isn't for you though and genuinely wish you the best of luck with the event all the same. We know from first hand experience that events are a tough but very rewarding business!

We want guaranteed coverage from the event.

To try and avoid conflict's of interest and to maintain our journalistic integrity, coverage of the event itself is also separate to any media partnership agreement. Attending the event and covering any news from the event itself is now the decision of the editorial team lead primarily by our managing editors (Martin Bryant and Matthew Panzarino), it is their decision as to who we send out to where and what news we cover.

We want one of your team to speak/moderate/interview.

Regarding speaker and/or moderator opportunities, our new policy is that it's always an honour to be invited but it isn't a condition of any of our media partnerships and therefore it's subject to availability of the team member and will require accommodation & travel costs to be covered just as with any other speaker.


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