The Streetly Academy Workshops

Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th June 2015

Our workshops are open to all Sutton Park Teaching School Alliance partner schools and are free of charge.

Tuesday 23rd June

Optimum Nutrition - 15.40 to 16.40

Food as medicine: Top tips to understanding how optimum nutrition can be used as preventive medicine and increase general health and well-being.

Introduction to Geogebra - 15.40 to 16.40

Introduction to using Geogebra as a free dynamic mathematics package in the classroom across all key stages. A summary of using basic tools, creating your own applets and using pre-made applets.

Reflecting on AfL - 15.40 to 16.40

This session provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon and discuss our AFL in regular lessons. It is a chance to think about how and why we support students in reflecting upon their progress and learning. It could be an opportunity to learn techniques from each other.

Stress - Your response - 15.40 to 16.40

Using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to manage your stress.

How to be an effective Form Tutor - 15.40 to 16.10

What do you need to be an effective an a Form Tutor? Looking at routines and character traits needed as a Form Tutor.

Differentiation in action - 15.40 to 16.40

Turning theory into practice.

Preparing for linea A levels - 15.40 to 16.40

Suitable for subjects that are in the first wave of reform from September 2015 and planning for reform in September 2016.

Wednesday 24th June

De-stressing and relaxation - The art of chillin' - 15.40 to 16.40

In this workshop we will look at some of the common causes of stress and problems continued stress can cause. We will then look at ways to change our thinking and behaviour to prevent some sources of stress. Then comes the best bit! - a selection of relaxation exercises to try out to help relieve tension, improve focus and promote restful sleep.

Body Tone - 15.40 to 16.40

The session will provide a full body workout with focus on toning the legs, bum and stomach area. A combination of body weight exercises including squats, lunges and core stability exercises. The class will provide participants with an all over toning programme whilst providing them with sample exercises and workouts that can be completed at home

Flipped Learning - 15.40 to 16.10 and 16.10 to 16.40

Title: The Flipped Classroom & Internet Research Skills Content: A) How to and benefits of applying "The Flipped Classroom" approach to your subject by discussing how it can be used to reduce not increase workload in a coursework or exam based subject.B) How to provide pupils with the skills they need for independent research with sound knowledge on copyright whilst actively driving forward their own subject knowledge .

How to be an effective Form Tutor - 15.40 to 16.10

What do you need to be an effective an a Form Tutor? Looking at routines and character traits needed as a Form Tutor.

Papermaking - 15.40 to 16.40

An exciting, creative and relaxing session of papermaking! Learn how to use pulp, recycled papers, flowers, cloth and string to make decorative, colourful, and unique papers. You will discover forming, laminating and embedding paper, and be taught how to press and dry your newly made sheets.

(This workshop may get messy so although we will provide aprons please ensure you wear suitable clothing!!)

Thursday 25th June

Yoga - 15.40 to 16.40

Those taking part would need to have a tee shirt and a track suit bottom and socks on feet. It will be a mixture of gentle stretch ,flex and breathing exercises.

Drawing with stabilisers - 15.40 to 16.40

Ever wanted to draw a portrait of a family member? Favourite car? Beloved animal? Famous Celebrity? But still drawing match stick men. Have a little more confidence. Just using a simple grid method you can improve your drawing skills and maybe discover a hidden talent.Ignore your past perceptions and have a go. Competent or beginner both welcome.