Tech It Out! 12/14/15

This Week: Sharing & Permissions in Google Drive

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Lincoln Tech Updates

With the exception of one class that will participate later this week, all math students have completed the Hour of Code! The Hour of Code is an exciting opportunity for students to learn about computer science, challenge their critical thinking skills, and participate in a global event. To try out some of the Hour of Code activities students completed, check out Try your hand at Minecraft or Artist, or challenge yourself to write in Java Script with Star Wars.

Google It! - Understanding Sharing Settings

Google can simplify our live in so many ways, but it can also sometimes be hard to know exactly where to click or what setting to change in order to accomplish our goal.

This can be the case with sharing & permissions for Google Docs, Slides, etc. Take a minute to review the different options for sharing within Google Drive.

  • Remember that anything you create in your Google Drive is automatically set to private. This is true unless you create a document within a shared folder (see second bullet point).

  • If you have folder that is shared with another teacher or group of teachers, any new document you create in that folder will automatically be shared with the same people. For example, that is how our Master Folder works. Jason shared the folder with all of us, and now we have permission to open/view any documents he puts inside. This same concept could apply to your students - you could create a folder, share it with your students, and then students can view/edit (depending on the folder settings) any document you put in that folder.

  • If you want to share a single document with teachers or students, that is where it can be tricky. Because our students are on a different domain than us ( versus, we sometimes need to take some extra steps:

Sharing Setting #1 - Specific Teachers or Specific Students

To share directly with a teacher/student (and send an email notification), just type in their email address. You can copy & paste a list of email addresses if necessary. You can decide whether you want them to edit or just view before you click "Done."

There are more efficient methods to share documents with your entire class. Use Setting #3 below or use Google Classroom!

Big image

Sharing Setting #2 - All Staff Members

Choosing "Get shareable link" quickly allows anyone within your domain to view/edit your document. This means all staff members now have access if you send them the link.

This does not allow students access. They are, not, so they do not have permission to work with this document.

Big image

Sharing Setting #3 - All Students and/or Parents

If you are posting a link on your website or emailing information to parents, you will need to set permissions for anyone to access. To do this, you need to click on "Advanced."
Big image
Advanced settings will show you who currently has permission to view/edit.

To give parents & students access, click on "Change."

Big image
Then, select "Anyone with the link." Now anyone who has the link has access. You can post the link on your website or send it via email!
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