Caribbean Netherlands

WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE!!!! (don't go over the budget please)

8 Steps to Happiness in. THE CARIBBEAN NETHERLANDS!!!*echo echo echo echo*

Step 1: book a hotel

Step 2: hike through a forest.

Step 3: Take a moonlit walk on the beach

Step 4: Eat at a fancy restaurant

Step 5: Drink some over priced coffee

Step 6: cookies (must, get , cookies)

Step 7: (this is the last step) Buy lots of stuff from the gift shop, so you can remember your trip. TO THE CARIBBEAN NETHERLANDS! *echo*

Step: 8 (okay this is the last step. i promise) this. is. Sparta :D (not really.. this is the Caribbean Netherlands)

That is your 8 Steps to HAPPINESS IN THE CARIBBEAN NETHERLANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please enjoy your stay here and by the way plane tickets cost 800 per person... free snacks on the plane if you get a coupon.

CN vs NL - Caribbean Netherlands - The most beautiful part of the Netherlands