December Project

Tobacco use in Virginia

Tobacco and smokeless tobacco: The statistics

Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco has become a health epidemic in Virginia. It is the leading preventable cause of death as 10,300 adults die each year as result of smoking. Smoking kills more people than alcohol, car crashes, drugs, murders and suicides combined. And its not just a problem with adults. Over 336,000 kids are exposed to secondhand smoking at home, and about 6,900 kids lose at least one parent due to a smoking related death. About 47,700 (or 11.1%) of high school students smoke and about 12.8% of male high school students use smokeless or spit tobacco. As a result of the almost 14.4 million packs of cigarettes bought or smoke by kids each year over 150,000 kids will ultimately die prematurely due to smoking.

Health Problems

Smoking harms every organ of your body. It cause problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, infant mortality and two types of diabetes

How to solve the problem

There is no definite way to completely get rid of tobacco products. Although there are many ways to limit the amount purchased. Stores can put limits on how many packages or can you buy at one time. Also they can raise the prices to discourage people from buying them. Another way would be to sell similar products that aren't nearly as dangerous such as electronic cigarettes or tobacco free dip.