The Southern Colonies


Most colonies are in open land with lakes and rivers for resources, and plantations but for growing rice they use swampy areas.


Many people fished and sold the fish they caught for money. They also fished and sold, crabs and oysters from Chesapeake bay. They also grow tobacco for profit in Virginia. Land grants were given to those who brought over servants, women, and children to the southern colonies. Also people owned and worked on plantations for tabacco and other products to make money.

Political System

They vote for a governor and a council. So they have a council and a legislature that you the people get to vote for as our law makers and leaders


In the southern colonies, we have an Anglish Faith religion. There is also is religious freedom for Christians but not for Jewish people

Daily Life/Kids

Kids either went to schools, got tutored at home, or had to help their parents on the farm or plantations because their family needs help working


Slaves are used in the southern colonies for plantations, farms, houses as servants, and other things involving labor. Like mentioned earlier slaves(women,children or servants) brought to the southern colonies we earn you land grants to start your lives in the southern colonies