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We heard that you are in the New York area and you are in the mood to shop, listen to some music, try some delicious foods, and oh did we forget we heard you love to find unique items? They say that you have a passion for handbags, custom made jewelry, manicures, facials and large over sized Designer bags. They said that they know for a fact that you believe in meeting and building great relationships with businesses that you can add to your speed dial when you need to make an impression at that special event. We heard that you will be at the one and only place to be at on Saturday, October 12, 2013 @ 60 Hill Avenue in Elmont from 1-5.

We know that you will be there, for you Admission is free.

Become a hostess, make it a day out with the girls and have fun and get some really great giveaways.

I will be there!


Did someone say: Baggasm, Valeries Closet, Milans Homemade Desserts, Naomi's Teenage Party, New York Life Insurance, The Massage Therapist, Aspicomm Media, Gold Canyon Candles, The T Shirt Diva, Roses Secret Garden, Melvins' West Indian Cuisine will be there?

5% Discount for all City and State Employees with ID
I can be a hostess and enjoy the day with 5 or more of my she roes eating, listening to music, have a pair of custom made t shirts and shoes and clothes! I will be there!

Ven Shop Productions Presents: Vintage Soho Style Handbags