Croydon Then and Now

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Who Were The Original Inhabitants And How Did They Live?

The original inhabitants were part of the Dharug nation. They were called the wangal people. The wangal people lived in gunnyas. Gunnyas were made out of bark/wood, grass, hay, leaves, sticks and even stones .

Women gathered berries, fruits and vegies. They made their baskets out of weeds and hay. Then they would weave them together to make a basket. Women also stayed close to camp while men hunted animals such as dingos, kangaroos, wombats, emus and many more.

Aboriginals wore very little clothing. They usually wore animal skins such as kangaroo, dingo and sometimes even wombat skin.

Who were the first settlers, why did they move into the area and how did they live?

The first settlers were the Europeans and the British. The first resident of Croydon was a man called Captain John Townson. The first female/woman to own land was Sarah Nelson. A little after ( mabey 3 or 4 years) John Townson bought land and built his house. A little later a group of Aboriginals burnt down his house. He did not return to Croydon but instead moved to ashfield. The first settlers moved into this area because the land was flat and the soil was healthy enough for farming.

The Europeans/British wore lots of clothes. They wore several layers. Can you believe they actually wore leggings back then. More people came as the land was subdivided. The Europeans/British thought the Aboriginal way of life was weird believe it or not.

What are some of the major events in Croydon?

Some of the major events in Croydon is when the first land grant in Croydon was to Captain John Townson who recevied 100 acres of land.

In 1884 the construction of the railway in Croydon began.

In 1884 Croydon Public School was built.

In 1876 five dock train station was renamed Croydon train station as the station was built in Croydon.

What is Croydon like today?

Today Croydon is a very residential suburb. Today there are many different types of housing like Victorian houses and Californa bungalo. Croydon today is also very multicultural. At Croydon public school every class has diferent cultures. Some include Asian, Italian and much more.
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