Joliet West 2013

Our Years' Success

This years' XC Season was fantastic. Ranging from 3-7 miles a day,sometime's even 10, we followed through with our unbelievable success. I couldn't be prouder than anything except my team because all of us, are what makes our team great. Even though we didn't finish off the year by going to state, we still did phenominal getting 7th place overall (Team scoring) out of 19 schools.

Winter Running!

Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 3:45pm to Sunday, Jan. 19th 2014 at 6pm

401 North Larkin Avenue

Joliet, IL

This year is a new year, along with a new coach that everyone enjoyed for Cross Country season. We do an extra activity for runner's that we call Winter Running, and it's just running in the snow and having fun doing hide-and-seek, building new friendships at the park and just doing extra little things for eachother!

What Do You Run For?

Why do we run?

We run...

For competition

For a challenge

For eating what you like

For fun

For friendship

For others

For a future

Why do YOU run? Ask yourself.


No matter what you think about yourself during those hard workouts, alway's know that you can do it and you will do it. When Coach says 2 mile warmup, 12x800's and 2 mile cool down, you know you think, "Just kill me now" but it will only make you better in the long run. Like on those Saturday race day's when you get all jittery inside trying to fake that your nervous. We all know your nervous, it's okay we know, you don't have to play hide and seek anymore, we all get it.