Top NCAA Basketball Stories of 2013

Top 5

Kevin Ware injury


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I picked this story because after the injury the team won the national championship. But Kevin Ware didn't complain all he said was " Win the game".

Florida Gulf Coast


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Florida Gulf Coast's basketball team last year messed up a lot of people's bracket. By winning and upsetting top seed teams.

Witcha State


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Witcha state beat number 1 Gonzaga number 7 Ohio State on the road to the final four

Trey Burke


The Kansas Jay hawks where playing Michigan. Kansas was leading with little time left and then Trey Burke made two deep three pointers to tie the game. Michigan later beat Kansas in OT

Jeff Withy


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7 foot center for the Kansas Jay Hawks made a three pointer which made him 100 percent from three. he was 1-1 in his career as a Jay Hawk I think this is a cool story Because not many 7 feet people can make three pionters