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Hiring Competent Disability Lawyers Grand Rapids

It is not enough to know how the administrative process works or to be generally proficient in administrative procedure without specific proficiency in the facts of the case. Anecdotal tales abound of representatives who meet their client’s minutes before a hearing, only to be surprised during the proceeding by learning the client earned income while allegedly “disabled.” Similarly, a representative who fails to meet with a client before a hearing should not be surprised to learn of “new” medical evidence. Effective advocacy requires careful preparation well in advance of standing before a judge. Representatives who fall into the trap of thinking that Social Security appeals are all the same fail in their fiduciary duties. Representation requires proactive measures on behalf of a client to maximize the opportunity for success. Waiting until the last possible minute, expecting the agency or the judge to prepare the case for disability lawyers Grand Rapids not only is a disservice to the client but is violative of the new regulations governing representative conduct and the standards of responsibility.

Even a cursory review of the administrative appeals process leads to the inevitable conclusion that the majority of case development, that is, the procurement of medical records and reports, should primarily be undertaken by the representative, not by the administrative law judge. Faced with more than 550,000 national case filings 1.060 U.S. administrative law judges will not be as effective as the individual representative in obtaining critical records before an administrative hearing. Competent disability lawyers Grand Rapids require the knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.

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