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February 15, 2016

End of the Fourth Six Weeks

This Friday marks the end of the 4th Six Weeks Grading Period. As a reminder, at the beginning of the school year, the leadership team decided the lowest grade to be given for the final six weeks grade is a 65. If a student in your class would have received a grade lower than a 65 for the six weeks, you should communicate that information with his or her parents and come up with a plan for success. As always, you should contact the parents of any student who is failing your class.

Wednesday School and Friday Night Lights

There are two opportunities this week to help your students make up any missing work to help improve their grades. Please contact Jan if you have any student you would like to attend.

Spring Open House-Monday, February 29

Our Spring Open House is in two weeks. There is a cheer meeting at 5:30 in the library, followed by a multicultural event at 6:00 in the cafeteria.

The doors will open at 6:30 for Open House and we will conclude at 8:00. Remember, this is a come and go event, there is no bell schedule to follow.

Remarkable Ravens

Sara sent out a reminder email regarding the Remarkable Ravens. Please make sure you use this opportunity to recognize a student in your class who has been a model student for the six weeks. Look over the spreadsheet on the shared drive to check the list of names of those who have already been recognized.

The nominations are due this Friday.

End of the Fourth Six Weeks

The end of the 4th Six Weeks grading period is on Friday, February 19. This gives us two weeks to work with those students who are currently failing or close to failing. There are two Wednesday Schools over the next two weeks that you can use to help students catch up on missing work as well as a Friday Night Lights on the 19th.

As always, please make sure you are communicating with parents if there are any concerns regarding grades.


Please make sure you are working with your grade level departments on grades to ensure everything is in line across the departments.

Also, we've noticed that there are some classes that have very few grades in the gradebooks. Please make sure you are updating grades on a regular basis and that what is being entered accurately describes the progress of the students. Grades entered at the end of the six weeks should not dramtically change a student's grade in a negative way.

Staff Meeting Thursday

We do have a staff meeting scheduled for Thursday. We have a few teachers who will be showing some best practices that they use in the classroom.

Everyone Matters Day

We will be participating in Everyone Matters Day again this year. Everyone Matters Day is on April 12, 2016 and I hope that we can continue this and make a tradition out of it. The city of Plano officials are planning to come out again in the morning this year. We will share further details with the staff once we have them.

The video from last year is below and here is a link the Everyone Matters Day website.

Thanks in advance for participating!

Everyone Matters: An International Phenomenon - 50 Mayors, 100,000 Citizens, Hundreds of Schools


We had a great week last week!

Congratulations to the MATHCOUNTS team, Science Fair participants, and Whiz Quiz teams! Another example of how lucky we are to be at Rice!

Congratulations to our Rice Basketball B Teams for a great season!

Congratulations to Jordan Mullins for being the Rice nomination for the TI STEM award and Rocio Martinez for receiving the PTA Lifetime Membership Award.


Thanks in advance to all of you who will be going through the rater process for TELPAS. This is an essential duty and I appreciate everyone taking it serious and helping out. I know Sarena and Diane are appreciative as well!

Important Student Safety Survey Needs to be Completed

All 5th grade and older students will participate in a safety survey during homeroom classes beginning Wednesday. The link to the survey is:

The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Students may complete the survey through March 1. Students may use their smart phones to complete the survey in your class.

Parents received a special eNews last week allowing an option for their child to opt out of taking the survey. We will communicate with homeroom teachers regarding those students that have opted out.

Please do not give the survey until after Wednesday.

PISD Education Foundation Drive

Jordan sent out an email in regards to the PISD Education Foundation Employee Drive. Please consider donating to this cause. The money the foundation raises goes right back into the classrooms in PISD. We were fortunate to have a grant winner this school year, Rocio and I look forward to many of you applying and winning a grant in future years.

Those who donate $25 or more can wear jeans on Mondays and Thursdays. Also, if we hit a certain percentage (100% is always great) of STAFF participation, a pancake breakfast will be in order!

Professional Learning Hours

Thanks for all the great ideas for your professional learning that have come across my desk. We have numerous book studies going along as well as PLCs that have been planned. Great way to grow professionally!

Don't forget to begin documenting your professional development hours for the June 6, 2016 work day. Refer to the memo below for more information.
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Academic Conferences

8th grade Academic Conferences start tomorrow and run through February 24.

The Learning Lab will relocate to the health room (517) during this time.

Soccer Club Sponsors NEEDED!!

I have heard from Beth Schwartz about an interest in co-sponsoring the soccer club. Please consider helping out, email Kendyl and Sara if you are able to help out.
Wednesday WICORs In One Place!

Great informational resources for you to apply in the classroom. This is updated weekly with Craig McKinney's latest and greatest ideas.

Rice's Bragging and Reflection Form

Thanks again for those of you who have joined and added some comments on the Google Classroom I created. Please use this to showcase yourself or another teacher in the building.

There are four "announcements" placed in the classroom which is to be used to brag on yourself, a teacher, or even a student. If you include something about someone, please let them know, so they can see the information. Something to try out as far as giving props and recognition to those who deserve it. The class code is: k37hjt

Sara McCutchen, Feb 4:

#RMSShoutOuts to Drew Morrill, Jan Henderson, and Maggie Jimenez for helping out with arrival and monitoring this morning, as most of the usual suspects were out!!! Thanks so much!

Happy Birthday!!!

February 16

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8 Things to Look for In Today's Classroom

A great visual description of what we should be providing students in the classroom.

Events for the Week

PACE Testing-Library

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 8:30am

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

Rice Financial Audit-Be Nice to Ruth!!!

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 8:30am

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

7th and 8th Grade Boys A Team Basketball vs. Schim

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 6pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

7th and 8th Grade Girls A Team Basketball @ Schim

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 6pm

2400 Maumelle Drive

Plano, TX

Band 5th Grade Parent Meeting-Cafeteria

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 6:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

Plano Leadership Visioning Institute-Chris out of the building

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 8:30am

6800 Archgate Drive

Plano, TX

AMC10B Test-Library

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 3:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

5th Grade Orchestra Instrument Selection-Room 608

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 4pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

Band Chamber Recital-Cafeteria

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 4:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

Staff Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 3:45pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

TI STEM Nominee Reception

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 5pm

Plano Independent School District, Collin County, TX, United States


A Team Basketball Tournaments Begin

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 6pm to Saturday, Feb. 20th, 8pm

Various Locations

End of 4th Six Weeks Grading Period

Friday, Feb. 19th, 3:30pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

5th Grade Band Instrument Selection-600 Hallway

Friday, Feb. 19th, 5pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

5th Grade Band Instrument Selection-600 Hallway

Saturday, Feb. 20th, 8:30am

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX