I-LINC - Open call for youngsters

The platform for ICT (for) learning and inclusion

Project summary

I-LINC will develop a sustainable and all-encompassing platform on the topic of ICT (for) learning and inclusion. The I-LINC platform will be an online environment for networking, participation and learning with the scope of boosting the employability and entrepreneurship capacities of young people. The project will gather existing platforms, networks and resources that are available on the topic of ICT (for) learning and inclusion. Through this project young people will have the opportunity to network and discuss with an active community of stakeholders in the field of ICT (for) learning.

The platform will facilitate stakeholders’ deliberations to modernise education through ICT, provide inclusive and complementary alternatives to formal education brought from the non-formal education sector and create a new digital path for youth employability.

Open call - Youngsters between 14 to 30 years old

In order to achieve its goals and reach greater impact, I-LINC invites the participation of young people between 14 and 30 years of age who would like to actively contribute by sharing their thoughts, insights and experiences on ICT (for) learning and inclusion to boost the employability and entrepreneurship capacities of young people.

By joining the I-LINC platform youngsters will benefit from:

  • Free access to a continuous flow of news and information;
  • Free access to resources to further develop digital and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Opportunities to participate in a series of cross sector topic-focused workshops (e.g. digital competence, youth employment, entrepreneurship) with the purpose of generating more clarity and direction in ICT for learning, inclusion and employability;
  • Opportunities to actively participate in events such as workshops, conferences, seminars, etc.;
  • Active involvement along the process by helping to identify youths’ needs and to build solutions which contribute to the process of putting forward policy recommendations;
  • The chance to become an I-LINC Changemaker.

Deadline Friday 21 August 2015

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