Colonial Regional News

Cory KIstow

Colonies and Colonial Regions

Jamestown Tobbaco

Come and purchase the finest Tobacco around town! Come and Pick out your own premium cheap Tobacco plant.


Philadelphia Party

Come and meet the legendary Benjamin Franklin. Listen to him play his music, talk about his studies, and even reveal his new invention! Talk to him while listening to music, eating food and having fun for the whole family! The price to be apart of this marvelous event is only 3 dollars! Come buy your tickets now at the center of town!!

Boston's Annual Boat Race

Thursday, Sep. 1st 1768 at 1:30pm

Boston"s Waterfront

Have an interest in making boats? Well come register in the annual Boston boat race to race your own! ANYONE can register to race. There will be music, food, and a dance area set up after the boat race! There is only one rule. You should be able to carry your boat in your own hands.

Builders needed to build houses in New York City!

Builder need to build Dutch style houses in the city. Must be a man and have a general idea of house Dutch style houses are built. A salary will be provided along with food and 2 breaks through out your day.

Plymouth Church

Sunday, Sep. 29th, 10:15pm

Plymouth Bay

Come and rejoice the Lord with us on Sundays. Anyone is welcome to come! Bring your bibles!

Fight for your Right!

Join the the fight for freedom against the British. Come to the center of Richmond to learn more details.

"Give me Liberty of Give me Death"

-Patrick Henry

Virtual Tour - Chesapeake Bay


1. Georgia was originally going to used as a place where debtors in prison could go to start anew! But then it became a royal colony with large plantations and and a major slave market

2. The right to have religios freedom from the British.

3. Province of New York

4. The British divided it into 3 groups

5. The Enlgish were interested in Carolina's exports.