Got Milk?

By Raina Kinneer

Our slogan: We serve only the freshest and the bestest!

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Ariana Grande Loves Our Milk!

Ariana Grande, famous and well-known actress and singer, tried some of our milk last night. "I used to be a horrible singer," she claims. "But after trying this milk, it has improved my voice a LOT! It will not only have an effect on your vocal chords, but also on your taste buds. What makes it so good is the fact that it's fresh and all of it is handmade!"

General Nutrition

As our friend Ari states, we only serve the best of the best! Our workers make sure that all the milk is fresh, so that it tastes as good as it looks! And unlike other milk companies, we ensure that there isn't ANY excess milk fat! While milk jugs that contain a lot of fat taste good, initially, you aren't doing your body any good. Who says that thin milk tastes the best? We do, of course!

Our Target Audience

Our target audience is everyone! We won't everyone to get a feel for nutritious yet great-tasting milk that gives you less calories, and that decreases the risks of you getting sick.
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Why Ariana Would Be Appealing To Our Target Audience

1. She's a great role model. Many of her fans, especially the younger ones, look up to her as someone they admire. For many people, both boys and girls, Ariana is their inspiration and has shown them how to be themselves no matter what. She has her own sense of style and personality, and if she makes a mistake, she just laughs it off and keeps going.

2. She has millions of fans. Ariana Grande has fans all around the world who support her and want to be just like her, and if she claims that our milk is the best, then her fans will surely agree and try out the milk for themselves.

3. She has a great voice. If she states that our milk helped to improve her voice, then her fans will want to try some, too, to be just like her. People who have been training their voice for years but haven't yet managed to get it the way they want it to, might try out our milk so that they can improve.

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Magazine For Our Ad

I think that the most appropriate magazine for the publication of our ad would probably be a celebrity gossip magazine, with our ad showing that she loves our product. An example of a magazine could be Seventeen. I chose this magazine because people reading it would want to know about what the celebrities think and what they do, and if they see that Ariana likes it, then they might just try it out!
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