Technology Flyer

Term 1 Week 8

Technology Professional Development Session

When: Wednesday @ 3:15

Where: 5C

What: A demonstration of Animoto. Use animoto with your students to create class projects and lessons. This fantastic web 2.0 tool looks great on class/student blogs. Create a free teacher account and get access to unlimited videos.

A demonstration of Image Chef. Take photos, add text and stickers to create clever collages.


Comprehension Activities Includes a variety of reading strategies.

Assessment in Literacy Guide

Spelling Activity Infants spelling activities from

Grammar and Vocabulary

This grammar and vocabulary website donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program for each question answered correctly. What a great way to motivate students.


Whole number @ ABC Splash

Study Jams - order whole number

Sheppard Software - interactive maths resources.

Free printable maths drills worksheets.

Harmony Day

Harmony day is this Friday 21st March. Each year, at The Junction Public School, we celebrate this important day. Visit the Harmony Day website for information and resources.


Create engaging mutlimodal activities using photos, text and stickers.