Computer Hardware

By Tomos Morgan-Young

Hard drives and SSD's

The SSD stand for Solid State Drive It is the newest version of the hardrive and is a lot slimmer, lighter and faster. It contains no moving parts but cannot hold as much as the hardrive. Maybe it will happen in the future, but no where near as yet. There are included in most slim-laptops such as the mack book pro. But there are way more expensive than the optical drive.

The hard drive is where all imformation is stored in a computer, and has a wide amount of storage space but can be cheaper as well as slower

Optical drive

The Optical drive is where CD's and DVD's can be inserted. They can be watched on the computer and burnt on to another CD/DVD. However the optical drive can also read the blu-ray disc. This is an HD quality disc that also offers extras, the optical drive is used in many of the latest laptops and certain consoles.

This is the newest type of disc reader but are now more quickly running out as they are being taken over by down loads, like the app store and iTunes.


CPU stands for Central Processing Unit or simply "the Processor".It controls the computer and is the brain of the computer.In side is the microprocessor that essentialy does all the work for the computer, controlling the operations and calculations necessary for it to run.

The bigger the processor of the computer the better it will work and the faster it will reply to operations. The bigger they are the more you can do at once, allowing you to multi-task.They are used anywhere and every where in the world from in mobile to tablets and touch screen laptops. The biggest company selling these in the world and the most popular are intel.

Computer Monitors

Computer Monitors

A computer monitor or a display screen is an visual display for the user. It still uses the same display technique as the flat screen television. From the 1980s onwards, computers (and their monitors) have been used for both data processing and entertainment. Whereas as when they still didn't have a visual display there were only used for data processing and Census information was stored.


RAM stands for random acess memory and stores information temporarily. When something is copied it is stored in RAM, for the shorterm, until permanently stored in your hardrive/SSD. Once the computer is turned off all temporarily stored information is erased. Another job of the RAM is that it speeds up the computer and allows you to open more applications at once.

Different types of RAM are used in different types of computers.

Mother Boards

Mother boards are are the