South Carolina

Liberals welcome!

Okay, it depends

"Liberalism... holds that all human beings are equally entitled to enjoy the freedom and fulfillment to be found in their work, family, and church" (Oakes, 96). But in the hierarchical development of South Carolina, if you were a slave, those rights were not afforded. "South Carolina was the first colony that introduced slavery at the outset" (Oakes, 97). Slaves were therefore property without such liberal rights.

Slaves: Not Just African, Also Indian

Indian Tribes Turn on Themselves

We have land waiting to be plowed and plenty of tepid weather for long growing seasons! Our proprietor, Anthony Ashley Cooper, guarantees religious toleration and a representative government. Liberty can therefore be put in place under our hierarchical system headed by the upper class. However, our government realizes the importance slaves play in the success of our colony and has recognized slavery from the onset. Slaves, as written, do not have any rights afforded settlers of this great state of South Carolina. With the large plantations, the labor needs are immense. We learned that the local Indian tribes will bring us slaves to work the land. But alas, we require more labor. This came in the form of African slaves. The need for labor was so high that "until about 1690, slaves were the most valuable commodity produced by the Carolina colony" (Oakes, 98). It was not until the Yamasee War the Indian slave trade ceased and the African trade exploded. "By 1720, Africans composed more than 70 percent of Carolina's population" (Oakes, 100).