The World Of Media

What is Media?

I think the Media is a combination of people and things. For example, paparazzi and famous people is media. Then, you have newspapers, magazines, and electronic devices there are also media. What makes this media these things or people are able to transfer or put out information at a large degree. For example, a newspaper can print today’s news and now everybody in that city or state knows the news. Paparazzi take pictures of activities that famous people are involved in and then, they either post them on the internet or put the photos on TV. One more thing that can be media is a form of entertainment, such as television or movies. All these things are media or having something to with media. I think what it means to be media literate is knowing how to use the media devices, such as the computer or cell phone. Also, knowing how to read a newspaper or magazine is also being media literate. What I mean by knowing how to use the devices is you know to operate it and knowing where to go if you need to use something. Most computers have the internet so you would know how to use the internet. With newspapers you would know what each section of the newspaper is. With a magazine you will be able to know how to tell when the magazine was published and know who it is on the cover of the magazine. Knowing how to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms is also being media literate.

Coca Cola Super Bowl ad 2014 Kid gets a Coca Cola. Coke is keeping it real


Michael Jordan returning to basketball

Louis Mayronne, Staff Reporter

Monday March 12th, 2014

Chicago – The great Michael Jordan is returning to basketball! Yes! I said the great Michael Jordan is returning to the NBA for one more season. Michael has been flirting with the possible return for years now and finally it is official.

When Michael Jordan was speaking his Hall of Fame inductee speech and the ended he said’ you might look up and see me playing at 50”. With that be said everybody has been wondering is he gone to comeback at 50? Well, he did not but questions still Lingered. We spoke a person close to Michael and they said he has been practicing a lot lately and has even spoke to him about him coming back. Michael being 52 now he is very old and knees has a lot miles on them, but that is not stopping the great MJ for making a return. I mean come on now he is the “greatest of all time”. Also, let’s not forget the stylish shoes that everybody and their grandma keep fighting over every time one hits the stores. Maybe he just is trying to market some more of his shoes. Who knows why he is coming back, but I’m sure everybody will be tuned it for his first because he was just that good of player. I bet Muhammad Ali wouldn't get this much hype if he returned. We spoke with Michael about returning and he said “I’m the greatest of all time and I need to show these new kids like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dwayne Wade how it’s done”. Michael will join back with the Chicago Bulls to re live his glory days once again and be the greatest that he was. With Michael being 52 there is no doubt in my mind they he will come back and school all of the new kids as he would say and show them how to play real basketball.

Miley Cyrus - The Climb - Official Music Video (HQ)

"The Climb" 1984 theme song

The Climb by Miley Cyrus fits perfectly with because basically in my opinion the whole time Winston was in an up hill battle (the climb) in trying to take down Big Brother. For example, when Miley Cyrus says “you have to keep trying” Winston had to keep trying on defeating Big Brother regardless of the consequences. Winston knew the challenges he faced when trying to defeat Big Brother, but he kept trying/ climbing until he thought he was so close on defeating them. She also says in the song you “have to keep the faith and keep climbing” and all the while that what Winston had to do to defeat Big Brother and the Thought Police. The climb is a great theme song for 1984 because it can make you feel what and kind of give you a picture in your head of what it was to be living in that society, and what type of struggle it was in trying to take that government down. Also, it this can relate to 1984 because the government was on a climb with defeating other countries in war and trying to make their government, the country, and people better than what it was already.

My Views On Media Literacy

At the start of this semester my views of taking Media Literacy was very vague. I really thought there was no point in taking the class because I already knew about social media and computers. Now that this class is almost over I more than honored to have taken this class because it has opened my mind to so many new things that I didn’t know before. For example, I learned about Edward Snowden- the guy who released very documents from NSA showing the citizens and people of America how the USA has been spying on citizens. Another thing that I learned is how to use wordle, make a satire, and learned how to annotate articles/stories so it can help me in the future. This class was different of any other Language Arts class because for everything was pretty much online. We turned in 90% of our assignments through the internet and I really liked that because I love using the internet. In the past in other Language Arts everything was done on paper and turned in by hand. I really think that using the internet could really help me for college and I am very thankful to have took this class with teacher like Ms. Hicks and Ms. Davis. Some things that can be done differently is I think we shouldn’t have that many assignment because Ms. Hicks always was say we are trying to prepare you guys for college and all I hear is college does not give many assignments. So, the best way to prepare us would be not to give many assignments. Finally, a good suggestion would be to maybe give out extra credit for those who want because some people genuinely want to raise their and I think they should be given an opportunity.