Reverend Witch?

By Jeremiah Dogan

George Burroghs

George Burroughs was the former minister of Salem village. He left Salem village after they cut his payroll. (the other ministers) He then became the Minister in Wells Maine. It was there where he became a hero, he saved them on many occasions from Indian attacks. He was a person who was well looked up to. Surely he could not be a witch or wizard, right?
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Well, that’s wrong! On May 6th, 1692 Ann Putnam accused him of bewitching his wives to death. She also claimed that his spirit had tormented her. Going against him was the fact that his two wives had died and people had already accused him of being a wife-beater. Some say that Thomas Putnam arranged this after they had lost a lot of money in a legal battle.


In the end, the police came to his house and had him arrested. At first he thought that the Indians had attacked and they had come to help but, no. When he was arrested people were torn on whether he was guilty or not. An officer had said that he was a child of God. Though there were also a lot of people who thought he was guilty
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Right away when he was in court Ann Putnam put on the heat saying that she had a vision in which there was a conference of witches and he had been the leader of it. Some other witches also attested to that fact. (it’s fair to point out before that they had also called another person the leader of this conference.) He was also accused of having super speed and strength. This was because someone had supposedly seen him before lift a filled barrel with one finger then set it down on the other side of the room. Some said they had seen him travel around at unhuman like speeds. Both times his reply was that there was someone who had done it too so he was not a superhuman. The prosecutors argued that this person with him had been the devil.
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The puritans believed that the Indians were workers of the devil. This was because they associated black with the devil. When they had tried to advance into the Indians areas they had been attacked by them. With this and some other bad signs, they got they assumed that it was a sign from God. So with him already being accused of being the leader of witches he was thought to have allied with them.

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him they made a decision. They found him guilty of witchcraft, so he was to be executed. Many people gathered to come see the execution. Though just before he was executed he made a speech. The speech was well worded and came out so smoothly that it brought some of the audience to tears. The speech ended with him saying the lord's prayer which was a really big thing because witches were not supposed to know the lord's prayer. after this Cotton Mathers said that sometimes the devil turns into a God of light, with that he was hung.

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Some say that Thomas Putnam told Ann Putnam jr. to do this after he had a lost legal battle to them. Some other say Cotton Mather did this because he had a disagreement with him over if he was a baptist or a Puritan. This was because he had not baptised his children yet. (puritans had everyone baptised even children baptist don't) Maybe it was just the witch trials. Maybe he was guilty the world may never know.

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