Uniting people to pray in the Greater Sacramento Region.

“There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.” - Ephesians 4:4-6
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Seek God for the City 2015: February 18th- March 29th

What if we have the 2000 people who receive this newsletter, pray in agreement daily for 40 days? What if we have dozens of churches using a guide that allows us to pray, in unity, biblical prayers of hope for our city? SacramentoPRAYS exhorts and encourages you to “jump in” and commit to joining this prayer journey. How? Here are three options!

1. Purchase the printed guide from for you, your small group, your pastor or your church!

2. Download the app and have the daily prayer focus on your phone every day!

3. Follow SacramentoPRAYS on Facebook where we will be posting the daily prayers in the 40 day period.

The prayer guide makes it easy for all of us to pray rich, biblical prayers for spiritual awakening throughout your city. Dated to unite prayer during the 40 days to Palm Sunday, February 18 to March 29, 2015, Seek God for the City helps us to mobilize many to pray with united, sustained vision for people of our community. The prayers in this prayer guide are biblically grounded and easy to pray. For 2015, the prayers have been revised and sharpened, making this year’s edition even more practical as a way to stimulate your congregation to pray with confidence and clarity.

Some helpful features of Seek God For The City 2015

  • Strengthens what you are already doing. No complicated program to organize or meetings to schedule.
  • Unites prayer throughout your church. An attractive, easy-to-use tool that can help unite prayers between many churches throughout an entire community.
  • Lifts prayer from private or trivial matters. Helps your people learn to pray for what matters most by directing attention toward what God is doing in the lives of people throughout your community.
  • Builds the confidence of everyday believers to help them pray with clarity, authority and relevance as they learn to pray in keeping with scripture. Involves everyone in your church family, not just a “prayerful elite.”
  • Opens a great way to pray toward Easter. For those of liturgical streams, it augments the Lenten season with a marvelous blend of repentance and intercessory hope. Those of other streams find that it lifts attention toward Christ’s visitation at Palm Sunday. The calendar concludes on Palm Sunday, leaving everyone prepared for Easter week without crowding the schedule with extra activity.
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How Can I Pray for the Region? Pray the Calendar!

We want to provide opportunities to see increase in prayer in the region and to allow you to pray through and even participate in events in our area. We introduce to you the idea of "praying the calendar." Here you can find direct access to calendars for regional events, service events and prayer events in our area. Click through to find events that you may want be a part of or that you can be praying for!

One event that we are highlighting for your prayer at this time is My City, led by Pastor Cole Zick on February 19-21. This is a regional gathering of our young people and youth minsters, unifying them in One Body and One Spirit, as it works to strengthen, encourage and edify them in Christ Jesus. Pastor Cole Zick and his wife Caitlin greatly appreciate your prayer!

Regional Events

To find regional events, such as conferences, gatherings and trainings, click here to our ACTS group calendar for more information!

Prayer Events

Click to the SacramentoPRAYS event calendar, where you can access all events prayer related in our area.

Service Events

Click here to see what kind of events are happening in Sacramento that involve service and cause awareness!

Worship Based Prayer

Chinese Grace Bible is hosting Worship Based prayer through Alice Moss on Wed, February 11 @ 7:30- 9:00. Alice has been a worship based leader for many years with Daniel Henderson leading and training people all over the world. We look forward of having her lead this time. See the SacPRAYS calendar for more details.

Tibetan Monks build Sand Mandalas at Sac State

This coming week, February 10-14, Tibetan Monks will be designing sand mandalas at Sac State. The design this time is the “Buddha of Compassion”. This is a misunderstood structure of compassion that the enemy has the potential to twist and impose in our region instead of the true love and compassion represented by Jesus. Let’s pray that eyes be opened to truth, hearts to be reached with love, false idols exposed and for God’s Spirit to overcome!
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Thank You!

THANK YOU for your love of Jesus Christ! THANK YOU for your devotion to prayer. THANK YOU for your desire and hunger to see the fullness of God manifested in our region! Hallelujah & Amen!

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