What the Tech?

New Teacher Institute 2021

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School Technology Coordinator

The STC....know who this is in your building! Take your STC treats! STCs are the first points of contact for all things tech in your building: questions, repair needs, etc. A list of those fabulous people can be found here!

Network/Email/Digital Resource Access

You need to complete a New Staff/Staff Demographics Change Form. See the Secretary or School Technology Coordinator (STC) in your building for this form. Upon completion of this form, you will receive:

  • Network Access
  • Office365 Account which includes email, OneDrive, Teams, etc.
  • Google Account which includes Google Drive, Classroom, Meet, etc.
  • Infinite Campus Account

In addition to OneDrive and Google online storage, all users have a User Directory (U drive) with 1 GB of storage available on the Boone County network. Do not save files to the C drive or desktop of the computer as they will be erased during computer maintenance.

Access to Boone County email is only available within the United States. Your Boone County email address should only be used for work related tasks: communicating with parents/colleagues and work related website accounts. A personal email account should be used for online banking, personal shopping, personal social media, etc. sites.

We have several district wide online tools available. Here's the link and it is also available on the district website under For Staff called District Programs Dashboard. This provides an easy, one stop shop for most of the district wide resources.

Need to know how to log in to these district wide resources? Here's a link for that and it is also available in the Google Shared Drive named BCS Tech Resources.

The Chrome browser is the recommended browser for most digital resources. Logging in to the Chrome browser with your Boone County credentials is recommended. If you are unsure how to log in to the Chrome browser, contact Cathy or Kyle (see Instructional Support below).

Building specific resources are managed at the school level. If you have questions, contact the STC in your building.

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is the web based student information system used by the state of Kentucky. Your account was created with the submission of the New Staff/Staff Demographics Change Form.

All Boone County Infinite Campus users will click the Single Sign On (SSO) button to log in. It will look like you are logging in to Office365; however, you are logging in to Infinite Campus. Log in credentials are the same as computer/email log in credentials.

Here's the link to Infinite Campus and it can also be found under For Staff on the Boone County website. It may also be linked on your school website.

Instructional Support

Boone County has 2 Technology Resource Teachers providing technology integration support. They have a website, Teaching with Technology, where you can find trainings (both in-person and recorded) and a large number of resources. Instructional support from the TRTs includes: Infinite Campus Gradebook, Canvas, variety of instructional digital tools/apps, all things Google, 1:1 classroom management, #FutureReady classroom tools, or any other technology integration ideas you may have.


Staff may connect up to 3 personal devices to the wireless network. Personal devices access the Internet only. Personal devices do not print or access U drives. The Technology Dept nor School Technology Coordinators support or troubleshoot personal devices.

To connect a personal device to the wireless network, do the following:

Select BCS_Wireless from the wireless networks

Username: email address

Password: same as your network password

Students may also bring personal devices to school. Please consult with your school's policy/procedure regarding student use. There is a Technology Tab in Infinite Campus where you can see if students have met your school's requirements for BYOT.

All classrooms in Boone County have wireless access.

The district is 1:1 with Chromebooks.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service is a web based application that provides employees the ability to monitor their employment information. Here's a link to that service or it can be found under For Staff on the Boone County website.

Log in Credentials are:

User Name: employee #
Password: last 4 digits of your SSN

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Mandatory password changes will occur twice per school year. Passwords should be changed on the Boone County network using a district provided Windows device.

Keep your log in credentials private. You will never receive an email from anyone in Boone County asking for your log in credentials. Unfortunately, you will receive spam, email from accounts that have been spoofed, email telling you that you need to log in or your account will be deleted, etc. Do not ever enter your log in credentials as a response to an email you receive. Always contact the person sending the email - via phone or other method besides email.

Digital Citizenship

We are required by federal regulations to teach Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship to all students. Common Sense Media and Google's Be Internet Awesome are great resources.
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