VCR Lesson One Presentation

Joey Chong

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate work from Lesson 1

There was absolute chaos during the ________________: the law was not enforced; people rioted on the streets; and the interim government did nothing to stop it.
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interregnum (n.)


  1. Any period of time when a state is without a rule or has a provisional government, especially between the reign of a sovereign and a successor.
  2. An interval between controlling elements; an interruption in an otherwise continuous function or process.


"inter" = between

"regnum" = reign

Synonyms - Definition #1

  • interim
  • "government shutdown"
  • provisional government

Synonyms - Definition #2

  • interval
  • interlude
  • break
  • pause

Antonyms - Definition #1

  • political continuance
  • government continuity
  • democratic consolidation

Antonym - Definition #2

  • permanence
  • continuation


  • Interregnums in US government typically applies to the time between the election and inauguration of the new president
  • Interregnums in UK government typically applies to hung parliament––the lack of an absolute majority party in the House of Commons
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Choose the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a. After an interregnum that lasted two years, the government was finally restored.

b. The country was plagued with interregnums, maintaining its same government for centuries.

c. Following the interregnum caused by the hurricane's destruction, the schools were finally reopened and students filled the classrooms again.

d. The people were forced to endure multiple interregna until the monarchy was entirely disposed.

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C: Interregnum is when the government is unstable and there is a power vacuum. *Note: The plural of interregnum can be interregnums or interregna!