Me & Info Page

Want my youtube, Xbox Live, Ebay usernames. Heres the place.

Main Point

Im Gabe Ill be Showing you thing like Xbox Live, Youtube, Ebay, And social media things i do. This Flyer is just to get this things viral Not much else.

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My YouTube Channel

Sorry Wont be doing more YouTube videos for another year do to my Broken Bamrea and the lack of Time and Money i Have.

Xbox - Xbox Live - CoD Black ops II Clan - And More

Xbox - Xbox 360 ONLY

Clan name (CoD Black Ops II)- Revolution (Clan Tag - revo) Level 50+ ONLY. Most be At Least Have 2 Bones on Zombies. ~Clan Rules~ Be Active, Dont Hack, Dont Cuse.

Xbox LIve User Name - H3ADMAST3R (Online Every Week day Exept Friday)

Send Friend request to me or the leader of the clan first to join the Clan on Cod BO 2

Minecraft PC Username - (Main User-) GamerBoy0824 (Not that Active User-) lotharII

Pokemon Tcg online Username - Gmoney0824