Fifth Grade PEAK

September 15, 2014

Special Announcement:

We have a class Slogan: Epic Turners are the "Awesomest" Learners. Your child is invited to create a trademark or illustration for this slogan for our class contest. If your child wants to participate in the class contest, please have him/her turn it in by Monday, September 22! The illustration should be detailed and include the slogan in the picture-- either as a title or incorporated into the picture.


  • The Brain:

    • Today we reviewed online research tools - how to be safe when searching online. Ask your child the analogy we used to compare databases, search engines, and the world wide web.
    • Students spent time reading books and looking at websites to try to determine a brain topic to research.
    • We learned how to narrow a search string on the Internet using the advanced setting tool.
    • We also took a note taking quiz to determine what we remembered from last year!


Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: Students are busy taking notes. We continued to take notes for our topic study. Today students attempted to write their essential question to drive their research. I will give them feedback to help refine/hone essential questions.
  • Math: Problem solving --- This math is notably harder than previous years. Persistence is the key!
  • Science: We finished our first science experiment. Today we averaged our results, learned how to make graphs in Excel, wrote conclusions and answered follow up questions to our science experiment. Next week, students will test whether a Styrofoam or plastic cup will raise air temperature higher. Each week, students will be asked to do more and more independently.

Critical Thinking Words: Purpose, Clarity, Accuracy, Precision

Note Taking Tips

Note Taking Study Tip - we took a pretest. Here is a video to show you the steps to our note taking procedure. We will take notes this year on Evernote.

Technology Buzz:

Google Drive:
  • Organized Google Drives
  • Practiced sharing and saving documents
  • Bookmarked important websites
  • Accepted Google Classroom Invite and completed first assignment


  • Each student has a Powtoons account waiting for them in their email - they should accept the PEAK invite and follow the instructions to create an account - always log in with the LPS email and password. I am excited to offer this free account to the students!


  • Online note taking application used during Topic Study