Types of Energy

by: Sami Medel

Mechanical Energy

Definition- Kinetic or potential energy associated with the motion or position of an object

Examples- A moving car or a baseball thrown in the air

Mechanical Energy= Potential Energy + Kinetic Energy

Thermal Energy

Definition- The total potential and kinetic energy of the particles in a object

Is caused by the particles inside the object moving very quickly.

Examples- Lava flowing or Ice cream melting

Electrical Energy

Definition- The energy of electric charges

Can be a form of kinetic or potential energy.

Examples- Being shocked by a doorknob or Lightning

Chemical Energy

Definition- The potential energy stored in chemical bonds.

Examples- Stored in the food you eat, matches you use to light a candle, and cells in your body

Chemical compounds are made up of atoms and molecules

Nuclear Energy

Definition- the potential energy stored in the energy of an atom

Examples- Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Power Plants, the Sun

Nuclear energy is released during a nuclear reaction.

Electromagnetic Energy

Definition- The energy of light and other forms of radiation

Examples- Microwaves, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, and radio waves

Electromagnetic Energy travels in waves