Stars and Giant Stars

by:Hunter A

Facts on Stars and Giant Stars!

Did you know that Stars are millions of miles away from Eart. A fact about the sun if that the suns surface is 9,945F(5,507C). Stars are also made out of Hydrogen and Helium. The shine because of the Hydrogen and Helium in their core. Later in their life the create stronger and heavier elements.

Every Star is different in a way

There are 4 categories for Stars. 1st is White Dwarfs their as big as the Earth for a dwarf star. 2nd is Red giant these stars are much bigger than the Sun. 3rd Regular stars these are just regular stars nothing special. 4th Super Giants these massive stars are known to be twice as big as our Sun. The biggest known star in our Galaxy is called uy Sutic. This star is 100 times the size of the Sun!

A question about space that lots of people ask is "Are stars infinite?"

The answer is no. Their are only 150 billion stars in our Galaxy and some stars are so big that they take up lots of room in space. Space, however is infinite. Stars go one forever it seems like but some are so big they could go one forever.

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List of big stars-from our Sun to UY-Scuti