Green Bedroom

A room used for sleeping

Sheets and Bedding

Coyuchi is a California company that makes all natural cotton sheets. The company's products are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards and several other organic and green companies all over the world. Using all natural sheets is proven to provide a better sleep experience and they are proven to be more durable and sustainable.

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Heating and Cooling

Standard heating and cooling systems can be replaced with solar powered energy. It helps to eliminate greenhouses gases and saves money since heating and cooling systems are the largest energy expense in homes. Another way to reduce your energy cost is by only heating the rooms you use. Another way to naturally heat your home is by using geothermal energy, or the heat that comes out of Earth's core.

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Mohawk uses 3 billion plastic bottles each year to create their Everstrand carpet, but there are also different ways flooring can be green. Shaw floors recycles used carpet and turns it into carpet again. Also, making carpet out of natural materials and sustainable sources can help the environment of the home by reducing indoor pollution.

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