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September 20, 2018

Useful links, thoughts and quotes for school leaders and teachers curated from the web by Harriet Potoka, Director of the Center for Christian Urban Educators.

TECH - Curriculum Pathways

Check out SAS Curriculum Pathways for K-12 content for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies and Spanish. These are interactive resources, created by educators, that utilize technology to create learning environments otherwise difficult to achieve in the classroom setting. The are pedagogically sound and standards based.

TECH: 10 Favorite Educational YouTube Channels

YouTube is a powerful resource for teaching and learning – if you know where to look. This list of must-watch educational YouTube channels are perfect for finding video clips to share with students in class or in a flipped learning environment. As opposed to an individual video, channels are created by individuals and organizations and are full of related content. You’ll also find resources for educators to help boost content knowledge and introduce teaching strategies.
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TEACHERS: Connections Go a Long Way for Students With Trauma

Initiating short personal interactions may help students cope with adverse childhood experiences. Read this post to learn about the importance of social connections, or touch points, which lessen the feelings of despair and hopelessness of students who are bringing their significant adversity and trauma into our schools.
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TEACHERS: Getting Out of the Essay Rut

Think about all the forms of writing that exist—letters, news articles, video scripts, infographics, press releases, etc. Why are we so hung up on using essays as the primary structure for students to demonstrate writing prowess? There can be little doubt that teachers overuse essay writing in schools. Learn about alternative writing assignments which can be just as rigorous as the traditional essay and can spark young writers’ creativity.

TEACHERS: Doodling Makes Learning More Sticky for Students

Here’s why your students should be doodling = it enhances learning and memory. Research shows that doodling builds cognitive skills – pattern recognition, image recall, analysis, comparison, synthesis, evaluation, and more – as well as conceptual understanding. Read more here.
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TEACHERS: More Talking in Class, Please

Providing consistent, structured time for students to participate in collaborative conversations can improve the overall classroom environment because once the need to sit quietly is replaced with opportunities to discuss course content, the amount of off-topic talking declines. Both small group and whole class discussions can provide these opportunities. Check out these strategies for facilitating small group and whole class conversations with students in grades 3 to 12.

TEACHERS: Helping Trios

Use this procedure from AVID to help students develop active listening and speaking skills and learn how to provide and receive feedback.

PARENTS: Teaching Your Child Tolerance in an Intolerant World

“Tolerance means respecting and learning from others, valuing differences, bridging cultural gaps, rejecting unfair stereotypes, discovering common ground, and creating new bonds. Tolerance, in many ways, is the opposite of prejudice.” Using this definition as a starting point, this post outlines some ways to teach your child tolerance in an intolerant world:

PARENTS: To Raise Confident, Independent Kids, Some Parents Are Trying To 'Let Grow'

Free Range Kids, is a group which promotes childhood independence, and gives families the information they need to push back against a culture of overprotection. Its founder is Lenore Skenazy who explains, "This very pessimistic, fearful way of looking at childhood isn't based in reality, it is something that we have been taught.” Read about her “Let Grow” project where participating kids decide to do something on their own that they haven't done before.

PARENTS: How to Help Your Child Get Through a Bad Day

While parents would love to protect their children all the time, there are going to be times when your child is hurting. Then, there will just be bad days – any parent of a toddler can attest to the likelihood of bad days. Parents can play a key role in teaching their children how to handle these difficult days. Here are a few ways you can help your child get through a bad day.

LEADERS: The Why and When of Walk Throughs

Without context and regularity, classroom observations can damage trust between teachers and principals, as well as negatively affect teacher ratings. In this exchange between educators at different schools, a teacher identifies the flaws in the walkthrough status quo at his school, and a principal at another school shares her own journey to becoming a present and positive partner in classrooms. Read their thoughts here.
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LEADERS: Schools That Change Lives

In this CACE blog post, Steve Levy discusses how schools impact students lives when everyone in the school is unified on living out their philosophy and there is a common understanding of “how things are done here.” What characteristics does your entire staff agree on that can be practiced together from kindergarten through 12th grade? Are they specific with clear expectations connected to observable behaviors and measurable outcomes? Read more about developing, practicing and celebrating what schools have called Guiding Principles, Character Code, Habits of Learning, etc.

LEADERS: The Top Signs You’re a Servant Leader

Do you know what a servant leader looks like? Do you agree that these are six key characteristics/activities of leaders with a servant’s attitude?
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Fostering Collective Teacher Efficacy

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Transforming Leadership for Rigorous Instruction

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Unlocking Learning Potential with a Strong Math Culture

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Developing Assessment-Capable Learners

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Through a Child’s Eyes: How Classroom Design Inspire Children’s Learning and Wonder

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Pre-K Assessments: A Systematic Approach

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