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~ June 2020 Newsletter ~


I hope this email finds all of you healthy and safe! Until we get approval from NY State the Suffolk County Officials tell us that our June Tours of the Meadow Croft Estate are on hold. Please note an application has been filed and we await their response.

Please feel free to stop by the grounds as Meadow Croft is a Suffolk County Park and is open. As soon as we are allowed, we are prepared to hold our weekend House Tours and will make an announcement.

Memorial Day

While the annual Memorial Day parade was cancelled this year, BBPHA did place a wreath in remembrance of those who proudly served our community. Thank you!

Summer Solstice Walking Tour

The Summer Solstice Walking Tour that was to take place on June 20, 2020, was cancelled by the Library and will now be going virtual! Be on the lookout for a posting on their FB page and included in a future newsletter. Here are some of the highlights that Frank Giebfried will showcase on his virtual walking tour:

For over a decade, local historian and friend Gene Horton has guided us on the evening stroll that marks the beginning of summer. Before we lost him last year, Gene expressed his wish for this tradition to continue. We’ll stroll up Blue Point Avenue, stopping by many beautiful homes and visiting sites like Avery’s Five Mile Look, Joe’s Step Inn, the Nelson Danes house, the Hallett House, and Bob Brown’s Food Market. Of course, we’ll also pay a visit to the John Danes house, Gene Horton’s home for many years.

Osprey's in Bayport!

A new feature in the monthly newsletter. These short articles were first printed in the monthly Bayport Blue Point Gazette. They were written by Gene Horton and reprinted with permission.

July 2015

My daily 4 mile-walk takes me on Middle Road and by Bayport Commons and the "Never Forget Garden" opposite Bayview Avenue in Bayport and right there is located one of the Bayport Fire Department's high poles with a siren on top. It turns out that Bayport Fire Department has three sirens throughout this community; one on Middle Road, one atop the firehouse on Railroad Ave and the other one on Church Street between the Montauk and Sunrise Highways.

Anyway, lo' and behold, in Bayport, atop the Middle Road siren pole is a large Osprey nest. I don't know how the osprey can stand the high pitch and screech of the siren. Apparently, when the siren is triggered, they fly out of the nest. (At least the siren is not sounded during the night hours). The osprey nest on Middle Road is apparently an active one as this morning on my walk i saw at least one of the birds up there.

Adult ospreys are very large birds indeed. They're at least 2 feet long with an average wingspan of about 5 feet. It is a bird of prey. 98% of an osprey's diet is fish so Bayport is a good location for them with the Great South Bay also on its coast. Ospreys nests are generally near water, near its food supply. Someday, take a look at this osprey nest: it's large and it's made up of sticks, driftwood, seaweed, beach debris, and even plastic bags! An osprey's lifespan is about 10 years. And ospreys do migrate south in winter often returning to the same nest in the spring!

Ahhhh....ospreys in Bayport!!! Nature is beautiful!!!

In the 5 years since this article appeared in the monthly Gazette, there have been more nests built including one on a property on South Ocean Avenue and one across the street from the Meadow Croft Estate on Middle Road. Keep looking!

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