Hardware and Software

By Gemma Hyde


Hardware is a tool you use to work a computer system. It is the physical parts of a computer and related devices. Without hardware, a computer won't be able to function. It is a collection of parts that you can physically touch.

Examples of Hardware


Software, is a general term for the various types of programmes used to operate computers and related devices. It is a code saved onto your computers hard drive, which allows the user to interact with the computer.

Examples of Software

Without Hardware, Software would not exist

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Input devices

An input device allows you to enter data into a computer. The computer processes the data, then produces output data, which can be read using output devices. Input devices can be manual or automatic.

Examples of Manual Input devices

Examples of Automatic Input Devices

Output device

Output devices let the computer communicate with the user. Some common output devices are printed paper, sound and video. It can be used communicate the results of data carried out by an information processing system

Example of Output Device