The Girl Who Cant Feel Pain

Grayson C. 6th Period

This girl has the rarest disease of all rarest diseases, its the girl who cant feel pain. Doctors don't really focus on this disease, they say its harmless,well its harmful inside her. Will her life ever change, her name is Ashley.

She has this disease it is called Congeital Insensitivity. There is no cure for this disease. When she was 13 she was riding her bike and the bike ran over on a rock and she broke her leg, but she didn't fell anything. Her parents found out that she broke her leg and her parents said, you cant fell this no I cant. They went to the hospital and they wanted to know why she couldn't fell pain.

Earlier when she was born she didn't cry she was always happy she was never sad, and one time she was outside playing and fire ants went up here arm and she didn't feel a thing. shes not normal like other people. So the doctors say this disease is so rare that only 35 cases are known in the u.s

We don't know if her life will ever change cause doctors don't really know about this disease and the information about it, If doctors could focus on this disease well than mabye they could have a cure for it. So right now she will never fell pain ever agian And will live a short life with this disease.

There are other people like this girl there are only a few 100 people in the u.s that have it. She goes and works for a camp and helps others kids that are like her. She is a kind heart. She is strong and cares about other kids.

My point is this could change kids futures if Ashley helps out other kids then she can change their future, So could doctors if they focused on that disease more and more then if they did that will help children and their lives and when they do get a cure childrend's lives will forever be change.


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