Elements of fiction

Mariah Gregory

The most dangerous game

Main Characters

~ Rainsford

~ General Zaroff

~ Ivan

Character~ the character is a person in the story, Poem, or play.


The setting of the story is on an island which is known as ship-trap island.

Setting~ The setting is the time and place of a story or play.

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When Zaroff has Rainsford keep playing the game or threatens him with death.

Plot ~ The plot is a series of related events that make up a story or drama.


The theme of this book is never give up, beat the master at his own game.

Theme~ The theme is a central idea of a work of literature.

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The mood of the story is suspenseful, curious, scary.

Mood~ The mood is a story's atmosphere or the feeling it evokes.

Point of view

This story is in third persons point of view.

Point of view ~ The point of view is a particular attitude or way of considering a matter.

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